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Concrete washing is a valued service for commercial building clients because it is often times the first area that your customers see. Maintaining clean concrete shows your customers that you care about your property, and ultimately helps attract customers. In addition, removing dirt, dust and salt will extend the life of the concrete saving money in costly repairs down the road.  Our parking garage pressure washing and power cleaning of the external buildings service areas includes: Baltimore, Washington D.C., Annapolis, All of Central Maryland

Commercial concrete cleaning involves dry or wet sweeping to remove loose surface dirt, dust and salt. High-pressure washing and sometimes even the use of hot water to remove oil, grease, food waste, gum and walk up traffic stains. We provide cleaning services for parking garages, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, restaurants, loading docks, dumpster and trash compactor pads, and any other concrete area that attracts dirt marks, spills and gum.

We understand that our commercial clients are budget-minded, which is why we keep our prices competitive through constant market research and competitor price comparisons. We pride ourselves in completing the work on time and at the quoted price, every time, an attribute that keeps our clients coming back.

Parking Garage

Parking Garage Pressure Washing and Cleaning in Baltimore MD

Our pressure washing and cleaning of parking garages in Balt MD is trusted because of our decades of experience and ongoing process improvements.  If you are looking for an efficient,​ Maryland based power cleaning company that can deliver amazing results in a timely manner​ and ​within your budget then give us a call.  Our personal service and professional attitude from beginning to the end of the process will make our relationship long lasting.  Finding a dependable, honest, available service is difficult but you will no longer be looking for cleaning company after contacting us.  We have an impressive list of clients including Whiting Turner, Clark Construction, Tradepoint Atlantic (Sparrows Point), the Dept. of Justice and the Naval Research Laboratory.

Baltimore Pressure Washing Parking Garage

This is just one example of our Parking Garage Pressure washing and power cleaning in Baltimore Maryland.  Removing the grime and keeping your parking garage clean is an impressive step in making the first impression.  Your customers will remember your well kept, professional parking garage and return as they can see from a glance that you are the parking garage choice in Baltimore Maryland.  Give us a call, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our Free Estimate:  410-589-5137

Parking Garage Pressure Washing and Cleaning Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. parking garages see lots of traffic and use as they help the city to park safely and efficiently.  We bring our decades of combined experience in the pressure washing, power washing and cleaning parking garages in the Wash DC area.  Having that experience allows us to be able to handle any issue that comes along without missing deadlines or going off budget.  The City Clean reputation means the world to us as we provide pressure washers that can handle the commercial needs of cleaning the stains, dirt, grime, oil, grease and paint that is left behind by the vehicles parking in DC's garages.

We know your reputation is important to you as well, that's why we'll be your best solution.  Doing the job right and presenting a great looking result will have people choosing your parking garage over others which are dirty and dangerous.  If a person parks in your garage you don't want them walking through grease or bumping up against a greasy wall and ruin their important appointment.  Just as you want a clean parking garage and reputation - so do we.  Whether you are a hospital parking garage or a stand alone parking unit we can bring cutting edge, reliable equipment that gets the job done.  We have helped soo many and we can help wash and clean your private or public parking garage in Wash DC.   410-589-5137

Washington DC Parking Garage Pressure Washing


Sweeper Scrubber

Parking Garage Sweeper

Our SW8000 and SC8000 machines both work well in a parking garage environment for maintenance and to prep for pressure washing. Our top of the line sweepers and scrubbers are perfect for removing surface dirt, dust and road salt that will damage your parking structure if not removed. It is important to keep these impurities from penetrating the concrete and corroding the steel reinforcement structure and as a prep for pressure washing. Our machines will also help keep the drains from clogging.




Pressure Washing & Cleaning Parking Garage Service Areas:  Baltimore, Washington D.C., Annapolis, All of Central Maryland

If you are looking for a "Pressure Washing Company Near Me" in central MD, Baltimore, Annapolis or Washington D.C. then you've found us.

We're more than just another Professional Cleaning and Washing company in Maryland. We Are:

  • Personalized service
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  • Experienced (Decades of steady Exterior Services) See just a few of Our Clients for Power Washing, Pressure Washing
  • Equipment (State of the Art)
  • Ongoing Training (Our Process Improvements)

Pressure Washer Parking Garages in Balt, MD, Wash D.C. Annapolis

Just a Few of the Many Counties we provide Pressure Washer Service; Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's.

If you are looking for Dependable & Trusted Pressure and Power Washing of your Parking Garage in Central MD, Baltimore, Annapolis or Washington D.C. Give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE: 410-589-5137

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