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house pressure washing in Maryland

House Washing in Maryland

It is important to understand that the green and black stains on your house are an infestation of microorganisms that need to be properly treated, not pressure washed.  When high pressure washing, the surface may appear to be "clean", however the microorganisms are still there and will become visible again in a short period of time.  In addition, the use of high pressure (Over 750PSI) can force water behind your siding, damage building materials and even create a bigger problem by spreading the microorganisms around your property.  

After 20 years in the industry, we could not find the "perfect system" so we developed our own HybridWash!™ System.  This system will safely and effectively treat, kill & remove 100% of all mold, mildew, algae, pollen, dirt, dust, carbon deposits and spider webs.  After treating the surface a low pressure rinse is used to bring back the life of your siding.  We also offer an additional conditioning treatment to remove water spots on glass and to apply a light wax coating to bring back the natural luster.  With over 1000 houses washed per year, we have the experience to get the job done correctly, the first time.


House Washing - Before / After

Our 100% Biodegradable solution is a safe and effective way to treat all of the following surfaces without damage and is safe for your family, pets, plants and the environment.

House Washing - Indentification

What’s feeding on my house?

Many Maryland houses are covered with Vinyl, Aluminum, Cedar, Dryvit, or Brick and chances are you have organic growth feeding on those surfaces. Mother nature is constantly trying to reclaim our building materials and therefore algae, mold & mildew are very common, even in the winter months. A question we are often asked is "When is the best time of year to wash my house". We always recommend washing your house BEFORE you see growth, but if it's already visible than the answer is "Wash it ASAP".

Whether you plan on living in your home for the long haul or you’re looking to sell, this organic growth needs to be properly treated to prevent property damage. Many insurance companies are now refusing to renew homeowner policies until our treatment is done. Our HybridWash! System is perfect for safely and effectively treating, killing and removing these microorganisms to not only keep your Maryland house looking it’s best but to prevent damage. While you can easily buy or rent your own machine, pressure washing is a powerful process that is harmful to most residential building materials and can make the problem worse. This is why we suggest leaving this task to City Clean. Luckily, we have been in business for over 20 years, so we know the time proven processes and techniques necessary to restore your home's exterior without causing damage. We know how to best deep clean your house and skillfully removing grime from tough to clean spots, like window and door frames vented soffits and window screens.

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Spring cleaning for residential homes in Maryland

Winter is finally over!  For most people that means bringing out the patio furniture, getting the lawn in order and calling your pressure washing, power washing or soft washing company.  As it warms back up and you begin to use the deck and patio more, you may want to consider cleaning your house, deck, roof or driveway before setting it up.  Our exclusive HybridWash!™ System is a great way to maintain the appearance of your property.  While it may seem enticing to rent  or use your own machine and give pressure washing a try, this process that can easily damage surfaces such as wood, composite, siding, asphalt shingles and even concrete if not done correctly by a professional.  Cleaning and treating your home with our system is a good step to take in preserving your homes appearance.  Our gentle system can also be used to spruce up window frames and screens as well as to clean your deck and outdoor furniture.  So, before you unpack things, consider calling us so we can get rid of the winter grime.  We are ready to bring our experienced staff, equipment and training to clean your home.

Yes, we can bring our own water!