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Since a building’s exterior is the first thing your customer will see, image and cosmetic upkeep should be a top priority. A clean exterior is a vital part of any business because it shows your customers that you care about your assets and ultimately attracts more customers.

In fact, the term property management dictates that there is an ongoing need for a clean image. We have vast experience in building washing, from small apartment complexes to the 10-story Department of Justice building in D.C

There are many challenges that come with building washing that keep most competitors out of the market. These challenges include:

To sum it up, this is not a job for the average contractor. It takes a special team of qualified professionals to get the job done safely, effectively and in a timely manner.

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Through years of experience and training we have perfected our low-pressure and soft wash systems for cleaning your building. We work in sensitive environments with HOA's, contractors, property managers and homeowners in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia and across Central Maryland. Our systems produce amazing results on vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone, block, limestone, EIFS/Dryvit, decorative paneling and precast concrete. Our machines adjustable from zero pressure (soft washing) all the way up to 3500 psi. Most buildings can be gently cleaned with the correct combination of low pressure and detergents. Every job is unique and requires a professional to properly assess each situation.
Our employees are highly skilled and trained at cleaning buildings and our systems are very effective at removing 100% of all mold, mildew, pollen, spider webs, dirt and even graffiti with very minimal interference to daily life. We wash buildings up to 10 stories using OSHA approved rigging and boom lifts. We work with your schedule and ensure that our work is fast, effective and efficient while staying within a budget.
Some of our satisfied clients include Residential Realty Group, Community Association Professionals, UMMS, Adagio, DOJ as well as many private HOA's.
Exterior building washing in Balt, Wash DC, Annap and Central MD
Above is an example of soft washing vinyl and low pressure washing brick veneer to remove years of algae, mold and pollen.  FREE ESTIMATES: 410-589-5137
Balt, Annap, Wash DC, Maryland Exterior Building Washing service Areas

Exterior Building Washing & Cleaning Service Areas:  Baltimore, Washington D.C., Annapolis, All of Central Maryland


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